Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the main key components of our activities.

Trade Union

MTZ TRANSMASH Trades Committee is one of the oldest in the trade union movement in the country. It appears the sole and authorized representative of employees of open joint stock company MTZ TRANSMASH in the protection of labor and social guarantees, such as:
— guaranteed medical service;
— organization of recreation in summer camps for employees’ children (on the period of summer holidays);
— providing vouchers to sanatoriums and its partial compensation for the staff;
— Assisting employees in application to kindergarten for their children;
— Material assistance:
at child birth,
at the marriage;
for those, who studying in secondary schools and higher education and successfully completed the academic year;
for employees, called for military service with the company and employees taken at the company after the term of military service;
— annual commemoration of labour Veterans' on the eve of National Railway Brake Builder‛s day;
— Assisting employees, who has sites in partnerships, in the development of horticulture;
— annual vacation with extended financial bonus.


There is an Industrial and Economic College at the plant’s territory, where workers are getting secondary vocational education without discounting their work. Every year, the company sends its employees to the Moscow State Technological University “Stankin” to get higher education. JSC MTZ TRANSMASH provides training, retraining and skills retraining among staff and specialists of our enterprise.

Labor protection

The main goal at our enterprise is to create positive attitude to safety among the staff. MTZ TRANSMASH conducts package of measures, aimed at reducing occupational injures and creating safe working conditions at the workplace for the staff.


Ecological problems are general problems for world population. JSC MTZ TRANSMASH is aware of responsibility in environmental protection actively participate in processes of its improvement. The most important police objectives in the field of environmental protection of our company are:
— technologies, that provide a steady decline introduction of into the environment of harmful emissions;
— technical re-emissions and modernization
— resource-saving