About the plant

JSC MTZ TRANSMASH is the oldest machine-building enterprise in Russia. MTZ TRANSMASH Joint-Stock Company develops and manufactures brake equipment for all types of railway trains: locomotives, motor carriage rolling stock, high-speed and ultra high-speed trains, and the metro rolling stock.

MTZ TRANSMASH currently takes part in various studies to improve and create advanced designs of brake systems for locomotives and train, industrial transport and metro. Highly qualified personnel and the modern research and development base make it possible to quickly create brake equipment that meets various operating conditions.

MTZ TRANSMASH produces very wide range of equipment. All products are designed for use at temperatures from -60°C to + 60°C. The products of MTZ TRANSMASH, including those under development, are protected by Russian, and international patents. Due to the high technical level, quality and reliability of its products, MTZ TRANSMASH remains the recognized leader in the field of brake engineering.


Quality always and everywhere from individual devices to the entire brake system of any train.

Reliability of braking equipment is the peace of mind of passengers anywhere in the country, at any station, on any railway line.

The reliability of devices from MTZ TRANSMASH has been ensured for 100 years by scientific research and improvement of technological processes.

The quality of MTZ TRANSMASH devices guarantee the safety of railway traffic.