Membership in organizations

JSC MTZ TRANSMASH is the member of following organizations:

1. Noncommercial partnership “Association of railway equipment manufactures”

This partnership is created in odder to unite railway equipment manufactures for:
— saving the rights and interests of railway manufactures; promoting free competition, creativity and business activity; expanding mutually beneficial cooperation;
— integration of resources for the development of high technology projects and the creation of modern scientific and technological base;
— achieving world-class quality and ensuring the best serve the needs of the Russian economy in the qualitative Railway Technology.

2. Association of producers and consumers of brake equipment for railway rolling stock

The main objectives of the Association are:
— coordination of entrepreneurial activity
— protection of general property interests and Association members’ rights
— organization of the complete delivery of products.

3. Noncommercial partnership "Association of designers and manufacturers of high technology products for the railways"

The objectives of the partnership are:
— the development, manufacture and deployment coordinating of high-tech product in the supply and upgraded rail equipment;
— union (on a voluntary basis) of companies that operate in the development of high technology products for railways;
— to assist its members in the the development and manufacture of new equipment to achieve the highest economic and technical efficiency.

4. Regional employers' association "Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in the Central Administrative District of Moscow"

The subject of the Association's activities is to assist its members in carrying out the functions ensuring the achievement of managerial, social, cultural, spiritual and environmental goals. Also, the combination is to protect the rights and lawful interests of the members of the Association and the decision and generalhousehold tasks in order to meet the needs of implementing therights of members of the Association.