Laser treatment

Laser Technology Center is established in cooperation with the department of Bauman MSTU "Laser technique and technology." Center is the owner of a set of technological recommendations and patents in laser materials processing.

Equipment Center Laser Technology allows almost any technological operation, ranging from widespread laser cutting and laser engraving and finishing such technologies as laser welding and laser heat treatment.

In addition, the collective experience and research equipment canconduct research to specific technological problems, select and make laser systems and installation made-to-oder. Our partners are the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of laser equipment. Many of them were trained in our collective, which guarantees not only fair solution to the customer problems, but also the quality of their performance. We are waiting for you in the new Center Laser Technologies.

Center is equipped with modern, high-quality equipment, whichenables the following processes:

Лазерная обработка
Laser marking
Wood, leather, metal, plastic etc. marking.
Лазерная глубокая гравировка
Deep laser engraving
Deep metal and plastic laser engraving.

Laser cleaning
Metal surfases cleaning.

Sheet material laser cutting
Carbon steel up to 20 mm;Stainless steel up to 10 mm;Aluminum alloys up to 6 mm;Veneer up to 22 mm;Wood up to 40 mm;Plastic up to 20 mm;Processing field 3x1,5 m.

3D laser cutting
Carbon steel 3D cutting up to 8 mm.

Laser welding and soldering
Carbon and high-alloy steels, aluminum alloys and special materials welding;Welding depth is up to 10 mm;
Spot welding;Microwelding.

Laser cladding
Protective functional coatings application;Parts recovery;3D object growing.

Laser heat treatment
Continuous and pulse heat treatment of cutting tools, stamps, etc.
Heat treatment with and without reflow soldering.